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Victoria Lyrics

The "Victoria" is well - known song of 11 Minutes Away musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Awkward Silence Lyrics', 'Morning After Lyrics', 'April 8Th Lyrics', 'The Neverending Sentence Lyrics' , etc..

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started that day,
on the beach and under stars.
you took my hand,
we walked down to the sand.
and since you've left,
everytime the sun has set since,
i've closed my eyes,
and wished that you were by myside tonight.
and now i wish instead,
i was back there in your bed,
watching stars, staring in silence.
and words i longed to hear,
poured from your lips to my ears.
you said yes and then we kissed.
remember when, it was time to go back home?
we said goodbye, you kissed me one last time.

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