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Gothenburg Herbman Lyrics

The "Gothenburg Herbman" is well - known song of 1140 Mississippi musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Asparagus Lyrics', 'Millenium Fever Lyrics' , etc..

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It?s the kindness of strangers
And the absence of harm
With the Gothenburg Herbman
And his friendly charm
He?s got a headful of liquor
And a fistful of grass
And his skin is the color
Of the white middle-class
He do the crazy handstand
He do the funny ape
He do the rock?n?roll band
He do the total fake
He want the dolphin flip
Adidas handball-shoe
Around the moon and back hit
He do the I love you
He?s got a headful of liquor
And a fistful of hasch
He?s still watching the sky
For the two-seven clash
He is the space invader
He?s a sex machine
He is the caped crusader
He?s a strangers dream
Gothenburg herbman
Your super-hero boyfriend
Gothenburg herbman
Your super-hero boyfriend
Your super-hero boyfriend

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