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Millenium Fever Lyrics

The "Millenium Fever" is well - known song of 1140 Mississippi musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Gothenburg Herbman Lyrics', 'Asparagus Lyrics' , etc..

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Millenium fever
Everything fall apart
Even the strongest heart, part
In the millenium fever
It gets better in 1000 years
Stay in here
Got the millenium stare
Millenium fever
The road remain the same
Heal the lame, millenium shame
The I-don?t-care fever
Go nowhere, play with the old toys
In the sauna with the jack-off boys
Ugly cowboys
There?s no need to save the world
There?s no need to save the world
The world is just fine
But the people needs saving
>From the turn of the time
The Millenium craving
Millenium fever
The sign and the descent
The dollar, the cent, the corrupt government
Millenium fever
Turn the engine off, hear the sound
Of the buzzing sky, the silent ground
No-one around
Millenium fever
The anastethic scream
Burn the mind to heal the dream or so it seem
Millenium fever
Don?t believe the things you see
The crack, the smack, the LSD
The you and me
There?s no need to save the world...

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