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Waiting For Death Lyrics

The "Waiting For Death" is well - known song of 13 Faces musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Look What You Did To Me Lyrics', 'My Life Lyrics', 'Everything Hates Lyrics', 'Something Wrong Lyrics', 'Try Again Lyrics', 'Slow Lyrics' , etc..

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Heres to the man that you never saw
To the ripped off friend that you never had
Heres to the lies that you told
To the crack face, bullshit imbecile
Heres to the friends that you never had
To the childhood chums that wrote you off
Heres to the shit that you took
For everything and everyone who failed you

I see, I hear, I know why
You should die, so

Losing patience I can't take this anymore
Holding back there's only so much I can take

Your pain makes me smile
Your madness keeps me sane
Your rage hides away
You'll never be the same

Heres to the games that you play
To the twisted fucks that never cared
Heres to the things that you gave away
To everything you fucked up anyways
Heres to the shit that you stole
To the fact that you never had a fucking soul
Heres to the time that you lost
To the pride and the friends that you never had

Your pain makes me sick
Your madness keeps me sain
Your rage hides away
You'll never be the same

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