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Adam Green - Salty Candy Lyrics

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in the front of the line,
now i'm back at home.
i wanna live my life,
in a bathtub.

roll a dirty dice,
and you're playin' blood.
stole a maxipad,
because i abandoned love.

it reminds me of salty candy,
semen shanties,
sailboats grindin',
up against your back.

i don't need no sentimental.
penis stencil,
feelings rising,
opposites attract.

she made me feel so small
i had no say at all.
she looked so cute they say.
but i don't know her that way.

heaven hold me back.
got 20 lives.
got my jesus jammies.
need some exercise.

take a walk at night,
past the dating bar.
i wanna live my life,
like a trackstar.

na, na na na na na. na, na na na na na.
na, na na na na na. na, na na na na na.
na, na na na na na. na, na na na na na.
na, na na na na na. na, na na na na na.

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