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The 6Th Gate Lyrics

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Six centuries ago,
The last visitor from earth entered my world.
Now, it’s your turn to feel that pain!

The gates are open!

Pain, anger, hate, fear, chaos, darkness, evil, hell!

The gates are open!
Gate 1:
Darkness, the world of demons. Look aroud you, they're everywhere
Gate 2:
My guards are watching you.
Gate 3:
Only evil lives here.
Gate 4:
There’s no way out!
Gate 5:
Feel the fire...
Gate 6:
Pick up your weapons and fight!

Fight... Fight...
And dance with the devil!!!

The gates are open!

Gate 1, gate 2, gate 3, gate 4, gate 5, gate 6... 6... 6...

Now fight me again!

Fight... Fight...
And dance with the devil!!!

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