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Aesop Rock - Blacklist (Feat. Mf Doom) Lyrics

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(MF Doom)
Keep in mind this flow is used for practice.
Even so still top choice off the tracklist.
Far as I know we've been blacklist
For as long as the earth rotate on a 23 degree axis.

“I can stop anytime I want to.??
Famous last words that came back to haunt you
All your life, like permanent dried tears.
Some cats get it like no bright ideas.
He broke the record then bowed.
Said he couldn’t do it without the crowd, for crying out loud.
Even took the time to contaminate the rhyme scene
And drop a lot before he was out, in the common scene.
A lot of rappers are drama queens (buddy dutty ?)
When they come to the mic, I’m ‘a feel ya’s. (buddy buddy ?)
Fuck around and get your title took, cut and dry.
He doesn’t lie, even like “who and where, what and why???
Hold it like a cue ‘n button, button fly (boom boom) (?)
Once they leave the room, they be like, “Doom! Doom! Doom!??
It’s no use. Blessed to design
And the villain has left the building, dressed to the nines.
Like, I’m ‘a do mine. Ya’ll do yours.
He stay reppin’ the game like Lou Rawls
The super MF villain, feelin’ like two balls,
For the microphone, he joins like two falls. (?)
Well we’ll see after these criminals who falls.
A lot of ya’ll is reminiscent of Rupaul.
Ball to ball and we’ll be needing new drawers.
Drawers, the one-twos that run through walls.

Keep in mind this flow is used for practice.
Even so still top choice off the tracklist.
Far as I know we've been blacklist
For as long as the earth rotate on a 23 degree axis.

All in it together now.
Some of the misadventures of a father crop
My provider chop’s flashin’
See, I’m ‘a stop that gut reaction
Bound to tackles when a battle runs in circles
Like rodeo clowns with paddles.
Poked in the belly by petty sarcasm.
Gentlemen, start your laugh tracks.
Push pins for the lab rat breed.
All I wanna be is a fat cat sleeping 40 nights (nights)
In hopes that when I rise,
The hacker mass will have seen there’s more to life.
Let’s recreate a perfect service rooted in labor lust
And a discipline prisoner.
I don’t work a thick antithesis.
Parallel park your burning prod adjacent
To the flagrant iron ego valve
Let us study a weaker outlet
I bound thieves (I bound thieves)
I bound thieves that tap me on the shoulder
Asking where’s the case’s war and how to make it sleep (?)
I pointed toward the exact place my sneakers met the creedence,
Said “If I could answer questions (who), I would be relief.??
Now classify don’t got ‘em shook by exposing the skeletons
Yeah I sorta stick to a more murky-hurt development.
Some of these kids are spittin just a bit too delicate a thesis.
If only… Yeah, but holy jumpin Jesus!
I get torn swiftly from a planet while it tilts, 23.
Look buddy, we’ve gotta talk.
God made me a fine instrument of style
Zig zag zisfiss?
Don’t make me holy sleep bolts blindly until your mood shifts.
Now here comes 40 acres of congruency pistons,
Purple skeleton key immunity systems.
Aw, it’ll be something incredible.
See, I know the limit.
That’s why I do my best to stay quiet
Whenever I ain’t spittin the gimmick.

Keep in mind this flow is used for practice.
Even so still top choice off the tracklist.
Far as I know we've been blacklist
For as long as the earth rotate on a 23 degree axis.

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