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Life Begins Again Lyrics

The "Life Begins Again" is well - known song of Afro Celt Sound System musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Release Lyrics' , etc..

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This is the day, and the hour
The time where the changing begins
The land, and the sky, fall quiet
Silence moves over the plain
The heat of Cwymhr still burning
The heart still beating within
Her songs echoed the fallen
For life to begin again
(Mi a glywais fod yr Ehedydd)
(Wedi marw ar y mynnydd)
This is the day and the hour
(Pe gwyddwn i mae gwir y geirie)
Land and the sky fallen silent
(Awn a gyrr a wyr ac arfau)
Fire moves o'er the plain
(I gyrchu corff yr Ehedydd adre)
Fire moves o'er the plain The silence moves over the plain
The land and sky fall quiet
The art is beating within
Her song echoes calling
For life to begin again
For light to begin again

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