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One Life, One Love (Remix) Lyrics

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Milez: One Life, One Love.
FlipBoy: This one goes out to two special girls out there stole our hearts. I Love Julie...
Milez: I love you Roxanne. FlipBoy & Milez.
FlipBoy: Milez, show her how you love her.

[Verse 1: Milez]
Where do I begin? I was living a life where I was fighting to win,
I saw you then I started to spin,
You got me dizzy but it kept my mind busy,
After all it was only a stare didn?t think I?d really care,
Till I saw what it could turn out to be,
Girl don?t get me started,
I felt feelings that I hearted,
I left a note on your locker, I feel retarded,
But I was shy and I didn't know why,
I?m just that type of guy,
When it comes to you,
You?re one of a kind,
When I thought I knew you I was really blind,
You turned out better than I expected,
Just want you happy girl and feel respected.


[Verse 2: FlipBoy]
The first time I saw you, I didn't think you liked me,
That was in french class where you sat beside me,
When we finally started to talk, we laughed and smiled,
I cherished every moment, it was so worthwhile,
Then I invited you over on a saturday night,
When you left I realized I needed you in my life,
The day I told you that I loved you,
You said it right back and it felt good too,
I promised you that I?d never hurt your heart,
Never take advantage of it or rip it apart,
Nor look you straight in the eyes and tell a lie,
I just want to be true to you, I have no alibi,
It's only been a few months but it feels like a year,
I'm so happy to be with you, I could shed a tear,
When I?m not with you, I feel you so lonely,
I just want you in my arms, tight as you hold me,
When I wake up in the morning you're on my mind,
And also in my thoughts when I go to bed at night,
My biggest fear in life is losing you,
I don't know what I'd do, I'd be a confuse fool.


[Verse 3: Milez]
So this how it started, it started with a stare,
My eyes caught yours and created a glare,
I fell in love with your heart before your eyes,
You can talk to me girl don?t have to tell me no lies,
Even when its hard to and makes you wanna cry,
I?m here for you till the day I die,
So why be so shy I want to help you get through,
That what I do so give me a chance,
I am starting to feel the romance,
That we got going on,
Be happy and forget all the wrong,
Got to do like me and move along,
Like a melody in song and forget the pass and live the present to the best,
I want you Roxanne, not the rest,
Everyday, every night,
Every way your right,
Some day, you might,
Stand out, shine bright,
Life is short you got choices to make,
I want you happy girl, not have a smile to fake,
It?s a promise I?m willing to take,
Not ready to break,
You should come see me sometime and stay a while,
You know I would run for miles,
Just to see you smile!


[Verse 4: FlipBoy]
Anyways, this is my way of expressing how I feel,
And if you're still listening, you know I'm being real,
The first week together in front of that lake,
I let you know that to be together I'd do whatever it takes,
Movie after movie with you in my arms,
You feel completely safe 'cause you'd never be harmed,
My plan right now is to complete your world,
So don't be afraid to let me know you're a happy girl,
Its definite our love's infinite,
You've got the key to my heart and you've locked yourself in it,
I don't need to say I love you 'cause you already know it,
And there's nothing else to prove 'cause my heart already shows it.



FlipBoy: You know I love you Julie. I never wanna lose you. I love infinite, now how much more do you love me? hehe.
Milez: You only got one life, one love. Don't hesitate no more. You got something to say, say it girl. I have something to say; I love you Roxanne. You always on my mind. Now it's you, tell me how you feel.

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