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Lean On Me Lyrics

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Sometimes in our live, we all have pain
We all have sorrows, but if we are wise
We know that there?s always tomorrow

Lean on me (can you hear me now) 2-4 Family
Lean on me (depend on me)

I thought I heard you saying
That you?ve got hard times
If you feel that way
Why don?t you drop me a line
`Cause I?ll be there
To lend you a shoulder to cry on
I?m true blue the type of family member
That you can rely on
Fly on and hold up your head
Open up your ears and listen up
To what the dread said
Dead is the only way you?re hopeless
You?re still alive
So you need to take the time to scope this

Lean on me, when you?re not strong
And I?ll be your friend
I?ll help you carry on
(I?ll be your friend to the very end)
For it won?t be long
Till I?m gonna need somebody
To lean on (can you hear me now)

If thereis a load, you have to bear
That you can?t carry
I?m right up the road
I share your load, if you just call me

What ya going through, think
I wouldn?t understand
Was there for you when you lost your man
Paid the costs for your faults
Paved the way to save the day
So who?s the friend and who?s the foe
In the end it always shows
And even though, I gave you doe
When you was dead broke
A place to rest you head
When you had nowhere to go
Never asked for a penny in return so
When it?s cold, zero below
I?ll be your hero


Ooh ooh (help you carry on)
(I?ll be your friend to the very end)
(Can you hear me now)
(Two to the four)

So just call on me brother
When you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem, that you?d understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Chorus (2x)

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