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Madhouse Lyrics

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I've come for your children
Your first born
I'm the monsta
The boogieman
So mothers be warned
But you give them up gladly
All in the name of the
Fascia - the TV
You see what i bring?
Come here you
I said shut up
It's a madhouse
A madhouse
Welcome the vampire
With open arms and legs
All i desire is your fear and dread
So be faithful and bring me
Your precious children
I sacrifice them for the
Rivers of Red
Come here you
I said shut up
It's a madhouse
A madhouse
See how they run
See how they fall
The sheep'll follow you
Follow you home
See how they suffa
See how they bleed
So satisfied
They die in their sleep
See how they fuck
The women scream...for peace
The highest high
A newest low...they reach
See how they laugh
See how they cry
I'm so satisfied to watch them die
For me

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