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Know Me Lyrics

The "Know Me" is well - known song of 21 Rest musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Episode One Lyrics', 'She Said Lyrics', 'Kill Lyrics', 'Shutting Down Lyrics' , etc..

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Know me(3x)
excuse me with my presence
I wish I had a present for you
You want a life to call your own
well I want that too
But can you handle all that?
The hardships and fears
because these will appear
I'm not a perfect man but I know you..and now I beg you to...Knowme(3x)

Lets say we take a rain-check
to see if in time we gravitate back to mates
why do you need so much proof now?
alright stop!___
Just look into these eyes girl
My mind set the scene
Your eyes took the gleam
Now I'm not a perfect man but I know the way you looked at me..

It was springtime when you said..
"Are we growing because I'm feeling dead"

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