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Jackson Browne - Red Neck Friend Lyrics

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Pretty little one
How has it all begun?
Theyre teaching you how to walk
But youre already on the run
Little one--
What you gonna do?
Little one--
Honey, its all up to you

Now your daddys in the den shootin up the evening news
Mamas with a friend, lately shes been so confused
Little one--
Come on and take my hand
I may not have the answer but I believe I got a plan

Honey you shake and Ill rattle and well roll on down the line
And see if we cant get in touch with a very close friend of mine
But let me clue you in, it aint like him
To argue or pretend--
Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend

Well theyve got a little list of all those things of which they dont approve
Theyve got to keep their eyes on you or you might make your move
Little one--
I really wish you would
Little one--
I think the damage would do you good

Honey you shake and Ill rattle and well roll on down the line
Were going to forget all about the battle
Its gonna feel so fine
cause hes the missing link, the kitchen sink--
Eleven on a scale of ten
Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend

Honey you shake and Ill rattle and well roll on down the line
Im going to try to swing you up into my saddle
And then well run but youll think were flyin
Now honey dont just stand there
Lookin like this dream will never end
Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend

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