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The Slow Song Lyrics

The "The Slow Song" is well - known song of 1 Beat Off musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Mullet Girl Lyrics', 'Hey Jake Lyrics', 'Mr. Nice Guy Lyrics', 'Bearded Lady Lyrics', 'Once Upon A Time Lyrics' , etc..

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saw your face a year ago
you said you'd give me a blow
if i would just be your new friend
so what do you think
i went up on that bet
and as i regret
i hope your not upset
'cuz its something that could have happened
but never happened
so what happened?
i want to ask you what went so wrong
but its been so long
was it the time when you were all in my head
keeping me awake when i was lying in bed?
was it the time i was playing the fool
acting moronic but trying to be cool?
was it the sweet smile you had on your face
that made my penis raise and my heartbeat race?
i want to tell you how i really felt
but i don't want you to know how long i have dwelt
on you
there was a time when things were looking good
there was a time when nothing could get in my way
there was a time when you were looking good
that was then
this is now
so please just go away

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