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The "Unique" is well - known song of 3 A.m. musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings.

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No-one know wha mekes me, me,
Who I am,
What I can be.
No-one knows my secret dreams,
My needs and hopes,
My fears and screams.

I am unique - just like everyone else .

No-one really knows me,
No-one ever will,
I'm just sitting on the fence,
and time is standing sill.
My life is a facade,
I cannot lt you in,
Icannot spak my mind,
Let out whats within.


I've climed up too far,
On a cliff way too tall,
Icannot reach your hand,
For fear that I may fall.
The human rac is running,
But I've been let behind,
I feel lost in he dark,
But eally I'm just blind


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