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I'm Not A Child Lyrics

The "I'm Not A Child" is well - known song of Mad Tv musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Whats On Tv Lyrics' , etc..

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What do you think
Do you think I wasn't up
here selling sex to you
I mean come on
If I my jeans were any lower
you could see my rise, yeah.
If you don't get in my bed this time
Let me make it perfectly clear
I'm not a child
Its OK to nail me
I'm so sick and tired
so freakin sick and tired
of beating around my bush
Look at the clouds
god things are almost falling out of it
what more do you need
Do I have to stand here naked with
arrows pointing at my pubic bone.
I could throw metaphors at you.
A snake and a pull (something...)
I'm not a child.
Your watching porn right now do you understand?
If you don't get that your an old and gay man.
Boy you are a slave,
But what i need is a sex slave.
Oops i will say it again.
I'm not a child.
C'mon lets do it.
I'm not a child.
Pick me up and get to it.
I'm not a child.
Put your back into it.
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