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You Are My God Lyrics

The "You Are My God" is well - known song of 38th Parallel musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Who Am I Lyrics', ''Horizon' Lyrics' , etc..

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Sneering smiles fill my eyes And laugh at tears that fall from the weight of unspeakable fears I wonder aloud in curious tones "Could I be proud when they hate me and mock me ?" What is the mind of the God that created meI am different; I am despised I am ever looking through the smallest of eyes But your eyes see what mine cannot see Chorus You are my God, you are life. You are the strength I need You are the love surrounding Broken hearts, you set me free. The world around me is changing All that was familiar is fading Those I thought would never leave me left me cold All I have from the friends that forever I'm known All I have are names etched in headstones And the questions of meaning and reason These small eyes of mine can't see past this one season But your eyes see what mine cannot see Chorus Show me your eyes Show me your mind Show me what you see Show me your eyes Show me your mind Show me all I need

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