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Forsaken Lyrics

The "Forsaken" is well - known song of 100 Demons musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'His Father's Son Lyrics', 'Wake Up And Hate Lyrics', 'Something Terrible Lyrics', 'Time Bomb Lyrics', 'Hard Surprise Lyrics', 'Back Lash Lyrics' , etc..

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you know who i love - nobody
you know who i trust - nobody
you know who i fear - nobody
i prayed a thousand times
he never answered me
do you think i've sinned
in the eyes of the lord
he never did shit for me
i stand alone in this world
trust and faith
so long forgotten
you and i
we are forsaken
just fucking kill me

put me out of this pain

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