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Tom Lehrer - Bright College Days Lyrics

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Thank you, for my first encore Id like to turn to a type of song that people like myself find ourselves subjected to with increasing frequency as time goes on, and that is the college alma mate
Ull find yourself at a reunion of grads, and old undergrads, and eh... somebody will start proking out one of these things and everyone will gradually join in. each in his own key, of course. u
The place is just soggy with nostalgia. well, a typical such song might be called bright college days, and might go like this.

Bright college days, oh, carefree days that fly,
To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high.
Lets drink a toast as each of us recalls
Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls.

Turn on the spigot,
Pour the beer and swig it,
And gaudeamus igit-ur.

Heres to parties we tossed,
To the games that we lost,
We shall claim that we won them some day.

To the girls young and sweet,
To the spacious back seat
Of our roommates beat up chevrolet.

To the beer and benzedrine,
To the way that the dean
Tried so hard to be pals with us all.

To excuses we fibbed,
To the papers we cribbed
From the genius who lived down the hall.

To the tables down at moreys (wherever that may be)
Let us drink a toast to all we love the best.
We will sleep through all the lectures,
And cheat on the exams,
And well pass, and be forgotten with the rest.

Oh, soon well be out amid the cold worlds strife.
Soon well be sliding down the razor blade of life.

But as we go our sordid seprate ways,
We shall neer forget thee, thou golden college days.

Hearts full of youth,
Hearts full of truth,
Six parts gin to one part vermouth.

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