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Let's Get Together Lyrics

The "Let's Get Together" is well - known song of Tsq musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings. Besides that, we should not skip those songs such as : 'Don't Cross Your Fingers Lyrics' , etc..

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Girl if you want to, you can go where life is good
Say that you want to, better days will be there soon
All that you've got to do, is set your mind on to
All you want to achieve, if you just believe

Stop runnin around, oh we all go up and down
And we all need to find a way to ease our mind
We all cry sometimes when it seems we can't get by
But we need to get loud

Let's get together
C'mon c'mon c'mon
Hang out forever
Girl you know you want to
Get together
C'mon c'mon c'mon
Girl you know that we might make it through the night

I buy me a ticket, a one way trip to paradise
I buy me a ticket, my way to a better life
I'm ready to kick it, change all thing's that cause us pain
Don't you know you can't give in, sun comes after rain



Girl c'mon, let's get it together
Time is now ain't gonna get better
We've got a thing goin on down
Hits me hard when you come
Closer to me slowly smoothly
I like it girl
Your body's so groovy
Cool down for a little while
Wa can start again



All night!!!!

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