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Taylor's Song Lyrics

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Hello dear friend I have been sitting here
Just bragging about your smile
And I have told many the memories that we shared
Its still hard to forget them
I smell your perfume when Im walking down the hall
I turn to hope its you
But I fail every time when I think that youre behind me
Cause youre always a step ahead
And I know its wrong but is it wrong to believe
That theres still a chance for me
And I want to take your hand and make it mine once again
I still think youre the prettiest girl in the world
Signed me
In this crazy world theres only short romance
Lets make this last forever
Would you try to take back everything that you said
Cause it plays like a broken record in my head
Were better off friends, cause thats what well be in the end
Just friends?
O Nichole, you havent lost your touch, somehow Im still here
Just waiting for you
Now you just sit there lost in a stare
Please tell me one thing
Have you forgotten that I was nothing till I saw your face
But now Im something, something youd be proud of
I feel some-what worth it and I know its cause of you

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