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Tell Me A Story Lyrics

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Everything screams your five-letter name. Every sound and every single place. All this reminds to you and all I dois writing another song. Because I know so wellyou don?t want to listen my words anymore. But I wake up every morning and you are therelike a photograph that?s printed in my head. (It?s so sad) I must forget you if I can?t fall.I convince myself, my love, I can?t have you anymore. You said me: ?Tell me a story? I started ?Once upon a time? there was a boy with all his minds. He was a man or maybe he was growing, he was in wrong with his girlfriend, so she said ?This is the end, really the?end!? Now I?m trying to live these days. Without this sadness on my face. But it?s hard because I sadly know that I?m losing her. And I can?t imagine all myself without her presence.

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